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LIVE - Well-Being and Chat Session 11am

Today will be our live session, so you can see your teachers and your friends. For you to join, your parents will need to have given permission and signed the form. You will need to access Google Meet through HWB. Miss Andrews has sent your HWB logins to your parents. 

St David's Day Maths


On 1st of March each year, people celebrate the Welsh culture in many ways! You are going to be planning a party for 6 people. You will have a budget and you can’t spend a penny over! Make sure you show your workings out!

Mild - Budget of £30

Spicy - Budget of £35

Hot - Budget of £40

Spelling of the Day

Today’s spelling of the day is..


Can you write this word across them down 3 times?
Either write it on a note on Seesaw or write it on a piece of paper and take a photo! 

Challenge - Can you write this word in a sentence for me?


Literacy - St Davids Day

St Davids Day Art

Watch the video presentation and learn all about the Welsh artist Rhiannon Roberts and her amazing artwork.  

Can you create your own piece of art inspired by Rhiannon Roberts?

Success Criteria:
- Colourful
- Includes features of the landscape 
- Crazy features to make it more exciting - floating hearts, flowers and music notes

St Davids Day Talent Show

Share your talent!

Can you post a video of you sharing your talent? This can be anything from singing, dancing to juggling, playing your favourite sport or performing tricks and jokes. We cannot wait to see all your special talents!