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Sound Recap: m d g o c k   – These are 6 of the sounds we have learnt. Can you say each sound?


What’s in the bag? Watch my video and then have a go at the what’s in the bag activity.

What’s in the bag?

Still image for this video

10 Little Numbers


Mirror play – collect items such as flowers, leaves, sliced fruit or small toys. Using a mirror (laid down flat if possible, if not they can hold them in front of the mirror) ask your child to place the items on the mirror. What happens? What can they see? If you have lego or building blocks ask them to build something on the mirror or in front of it – what can they see? This is a great way to being exploring symmetry.


Life cycle of a butterfly

Watch the video about the life cycle of a butterfly. Create your own life cycle model or drawing. 

Learn About The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly | Milo's Monster School Vlog | Caterpillar to Butterfly


Make an assault course in your living room