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Monday 22nd

English - Monday 22nd February

English - Monday 22nd February


Watch the video to help you with this task. I have attached a WAGOLL (What a good one looks like) for a Non Chronological Report Factsheet which will be the end goal of this two week writing journey. Your task today is to open the factsheet and use the Success Criteria template to note down all of the features from the factsheet that you notice. I have already done one for you, pointing out the title and what the title does for the reader of the text. 


A Non-Chronological Report Factsheet is a factual non-fiction text which is written using facts, in no particular order. However, subheadings are used to make sure that the writing is divided up into chunks so the reader can take on the information more easily. There also may be pictures which have been taken off the internet to go along with the text and make the article more exciting. A formal tone would be used, along with technical language, but these would be explained in a glossary at the bottom of the text. I hope these ideas give you a headstart! Good luck!


Maths - Monday 22nd February

For maths this week, there will be two levels which you are free to chose from before you start the task. Both of them are attached to the tasks, but there are separate worksheets for each. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we're looking at fractions, before revisiting area on Thursday and Friday. Decide each day whether you would like to access the more challenging task (Extend) or the other task (Support).

Maths Monday 22nd February - Extend

Additional Help Video (Extend) - Maths Monday

Physical Task - Monday 22nd February


Go on a Big Bug Hunt!


Go out into the woods with adults at home or siblings and find and photograph as many creatures as you can find. You may want to focus on ONE animal (birds or insects for example). Take photos of the environment they live in, or habitat, before using PicCollage or PowerPoint to merge all your pictures together in a collage. You can use the collage tool on the image in SeeSaw, or use any other programme you have on your iPad or computer. 


PicCollage is a free application you can use to combine together images in a collage from any device, on both apple and android platforms. If you struggle to then send these across on SeeSaw, they are easy to email, or send via Class Dojo. 


There's an example of one below for you to check out, before having a go at your own. 


For those of you panicking that there's no Joe Wicks this week don't worry! If you'd rather do the Joe Wicks activity instead, you can still do that too!

Wellbeing - Monday 22nd February




Back outside we go! Remember if it is raining or freezing cold on the day of these outdoor activities, they can be done later in the week instead.


Using the attached UK Birdwatching guide, how many of the most common birds can you spot whilst you are out and about. If you see any that are not on the guide, can you research what they are by using the internet and their characteristics?