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Monday 1st

English - Monday 1st March

De: De sentences


A De: De sentence has two parts.


The 1st part gives you a description

‘The vampire is a dreadful creature…’

The 2nd part gives further detail

‘… it kills by sucking all the blood from its victims’


The 2 parts are separated by a colon (:)



The vampire is a dreadful creature: it kills by sucking all the blood from its victims.


An example for our woodland topic may be;


The blackbird is one of the most common birds in the UK: there are over 6 million pairs!


NOTE - We don't start with a capital letter after a colon, even though there is a long pause, just a little longer than after a comma. 


Your task:


Complete the De: De sentences and try to create some of your own.


Maths - Monday 1st March

Saint David’s Maths Challenge Cards.


Apply previous maths understanding into word problems.


Word problems read aloud on SeeSaw to help with reading.

Eisteddfodd - Monday 1st March


Write an acrostic poem about Pontypridd.


There is an example attached to the task.




Write an adventure story based in Wales


Think back to the story we wrote for the Hope Rescue competition before Half Term. Can you use some of these skills to create a story all about an adventure that takes place near to home where we live.

Cymraeg Creation!

Can you replicate or create a piece of artwork in the style of a Welsh artist?


Sir Kyffin Williams

Sir John Kyffin Williams (born 1918, died 2006) was a Welsh landscape painter who lived on the Island of Anglesey. He is widely thought of of the most influential Welsh landscapes artist.


Look at the examples of his work, before trying to create your own landscape in his style of a setting you are familiar with.

I’ve attached a few landscape shots of Glyncoch, Coed Y Cwm and Ynysybwl for you to start with, but you can use your own too.


Famous Welsh People


Use your understanding of fact files from our work on English last week, to create a fact file on a famous Welsh person of your choice. You may pick a rugby player, football player, singer, artist, author, politician, or any other influential person you can think of.


Present your work using the fact file scaffold or create your own.


Show your talent!


The options are endless! Are you a budding singer/artist/comedian?


Send us a recording!