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What do the words mean?

Dictionary work


Read the explorer’s jungle log.

He writes in his ‘Jungle Log’ a bit like a diary and it is where he writes down what has happened on his visits.


Lets take a look at the meaning of some of the words in the explorer’s diary.


Activity: Look up the words in the table using a dictionary or the internet. Write the definition of the words in the table.


Re-read the explorer’s jungle log. Underline any other unfamiliar words and find their meaning using a dictionary or the internet.


Challenge: Now write some sentences using any of our new words.



Telling the time.


O’clock and half past.


Practice reading the time and drawing the correct times on an analogue clock.

Watch the video below to help you to recap on o’clock and half past.


Complete the activities by practicing reading and writing the correct o’clock and half past times on the clocks.


Teaching Clock (

Please use the above link to topmarks as this has a anolouge clock to help teach the children the time


Joe Wicks started the Body Coach TV with a goal to offer free home workouts to everyone, no matter what their fitness levels. It now has over 250+ free workouts and reaches millions of people all over the world!! NOW HE’S BACK!!


Have you tried any of the work outs yet?

Have a go at one of Joe Wicks workouts and get someone to film you and send us the clip on seesaw.


Joe’s PE lessons will be running on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s on his YouTube channel at 9am. Try and start your day with these sessions



Great Gardening!


The weather may be terrible outside, but if you’ve got a windowsill you can carry on growing!


Find a seedling in your local area to replant into a pot!