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Monday 18th

Maths Monday 18th January

Maths Monday 18th January Challenge

English This Week


This week we're going to be working from the document 'Journey to the Jungle' above. We're going to work through some of it this week, but if you want to read ahead, this can only help you plan ahead and make sure you're prepared. The tasks will be placed on the website as well as SeeSaw - Editable templates for your responses are only found on SeeSaw. The ones downloaded from this website must be printed in order to be submitted. 


Download the booklet below if you would like to access the whole thing at once. 

Monday English Task


What do the words mean?  - Dictionary work

Read the explorer’s jungle log.

He writes in his ‘Jungle Log’ a bit like a diary and it is where he writes down what has happened on his visits.

Let’s take a look at the meaning of some of the words in the explorer’s diary.


Activity: Look up the words in the table using a dictionary or the internet. Write the definition of the words in the table.


Re-read the explorer’s jungle log. Underline any other unfamiliar words and find their meaning using a dictionary or the internet.


Challenge: Now write some sentences using any of our new words.


Find the worksheet below. It is editable on SeeSaw

Ruan would like you to plant a tiny tree!

At this time of year, lots of tiny little baby trees (known as saplings) start to grow on the floor beneath bigger trees, where berries and seeds have fallen during the autumn. They are usually so small, that they're tricky to spot. 


If you get a chance to get outside this week, keep your eyes peeled for saplings and if you can, dig it up very carefully, before planting it in a pot. 


Saplings that are very small never grow very well under the mother plant because the bigger tree blocks out all the sunlight, so you will be helping a baby tree get a better start in growing! 


Let me know how you get on!