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When you were on your walk you may have seen that some cars drive really fast. Let’s see if we can make a poster asking cars to slow down. Look at the different photos of posters and see if you can come up with 3 things that you need to include in your poster. E.g. photos, title, information, colour

Record your discussions with a grown up.


Watch the video then complete the activity. If you do not have a printer then complete by pointing to the answers on the screen.

Left and right

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The Left vs. Right Song! | Scratch Garden


*Practice jumping. How high and how far can you jump? Bend your knees, reach for the sky, and land softly.

Can you do ten jumps and 20 star jumps?

*Practice hopping skills. Hop once on each foot, then twice on each foot. Keep hopping and counting.

How many Hops can you do without loosing your balance?