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Meet the class

Meet The Class  


We are a class of 29 Year 4 and 5 children. Below is some information about our class routines and the children in the different roles in our class. 

Dosbarth Dyfi Class Rules

We wrote our class charter together, and then recorded it so we remember how we behave in school! The rules are for Mr W too!

Class routines



We have our P.E. lessons every Wednesday afternoon. Children will require a P.E. kit; trainers, shorts/leggings and a top. Learners should be prepared to have their lessons outdoors. Due to Covid 19 we will be unable to complete P.E lessons indoors at the moment so these seasons will be weather dependant. 



Homework is distributed every Friday afternoon. The folders will consist of a weekly maths challenge. Each week the children will also  have a mixed times table challenge set on Sumdog ( an app can be downloaded or a laptop can be used to access the website ) that will have times tables questions catered to the times tables they need to work on based on past test scores. For a video to help with this please click here


Weekly spellings linked to the rule we are following will be set each week. We will complete a daily look cover write check activity , each day will will practise and recap sounds to blend together when spelling unfamiliar words and each child will get a chance to practise their spellings during an activity in guided reading. 


These spellings will be posted on the class webpage each week, parents will be sent a link each week with hear spellings to work in at home. These spellings can be found in the parents zone in the area labelled spellings. Alternatively  click this link to take you

to this area.


Each week these lists will also be posted on J2 blast on hwb. Children will need to practise their spell as many times as they can. A video to help the children do this can be found by clicking the link.

We encourage children to return their homework folder by Wednesday the following week  in order for teachers to prepare the folders in time for the following weekend.


Sometimes extra tasks may be given out through the week to be completed in the W benign for the children to have extra practise in something they may have found had that day and have  asked for extra work to practise for that evening that will help them when this is going to be revisited the next day. Parent will be encouraged to complete this at home with their child that evening and return it to school the next day.  



Children will be encouraged to read as much as possible in school and at home. After a reading test conducted at the star of the year , an appropriate level book will be selected for the children to read, if a child is at or above their reading age they will be read with during guided reading sessions. They will also continue to read at least once a week at home completing the book given to them from the school reading scheme ( if children are below their chronological age they will receive 1-1 reading sessions at least once a week in addition to reading with the class teacher during guided reading sessions ). In addition to these reading activities in school they will be encouraged to also read at home with their parents. When a book is finished it will be changed and a new book will be given to the child. Once children have complete the school reading scheme they can select their own book from the class or school library and can can read these books in school and at home. 

By the end of this school year we will be working on all children being able to read and spell all of the year 4-5 high frequency words. An assessment is carried out at the start of the year and the words children cannot read will be sent home on flash cards for the children to practise. There will be no more than 10 new words to work on each week ( for some

children less will be sent depending on the support they will need to complete this) words that are sent home with a tick on are words the  children can already read , so parents will need to still practise reading these to revise them but will be asked to focus on the spelling of these words.  Any words that have an X on them are works the child can’t spell so parents will be asked to focus only on the reading of these words so that the children will be able to read them on sight without having to sound them out. This will be achieved by regular practise. The more they see them the more familiar they will become with them. When these children have their 1-1 sessions these words will be practised with the class teacher , if they can now read the words a tick will be placed on them and new words will be sent home to replace the words they can now read until all words can be read on sight without the child having to sound them out. 

Children who can read all of their words will not have flash cards but a copy of their assessment will be sent home so parents know which words they are unable to spell so these can be worked on at home.


Children have also been given a class code for an app ( phone or tablet) or webpage where books will be set for them to read at home but also children can search for books that interest them. During school hours there is an unlimited access , after school there is a 2 hour limit where children can log in and access  books, comics, read to me books and videos on a wide range of topics. For a video of how to do this please click here.

This can be downloaded as an app on a phone or tablet or accessed through using a laptop. 




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