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Journey of Writing 19/20

We have been learning about Travel Brochures as part of our first learning journey! Throughout this we looked at many different brochures, persuasive writing and collected plenty of research on Spain (as this is what our travel brochure will be on)! 

Here is some of our work to show what we have been doing! 


Firstly this appeared outside our door.. 

We then created our predictions of where we thought the suitcase was from. SPAIN!! 

Parts of our Learning Journey - We loved writing our brochures!

Journey's of Writing - 18/19

Remus and Romulus 

We have read the myth and legend story of Remus and Romulus. We used the laptops to identify the features of a myth and legend story. We created our own myth and legend story which included speech, setting descriptions and character descriptions. As the story is quite confusing, we decided as a class we would like to make trailers retelling the story our way... 

see trailer videos below



Remus and Romulus Movie Trailer

Still image for this video

Pandora's Box

Last half term we looked at the story Pandora's Box. We were able to understand the story and create word arts on the characters and our first impressions. We then went on to look at different features of a news report in detail. We throughly enjoyed looking at direct, indirect speech and their differences. Finally we created a newspaper article based on the story of Pandora's Box. Some of our headlines:

  • The Golden Box is caught and found!
  • The Ball turned Golden!

The children then took on the roles of the characters in the book and interviewed each other! Welcome to 'Greek Box Chat Show' (videos below)

Our Predictions on Pandora's Box.

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Interviewing Characters - Pandora's Box

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The Girl and The Fox

We are currently looking at a film called The Girl and his Fox. Children are very interested with this film as there is no speaking throughout. The class completed a powerpoint to identify what they thought the characters may have been saying at different points in the film. They then went onto create a feelings graph on how the girl may have been feeling throughout. Our aim at the end of this Journey of Writing will be writing a poem based on the film clip. 


If you would like to watch it just click on the link below:



Our Individual Poems!

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