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At Craig Yr Hesg we follow the Jolly Phonics scheme which transforms our reading and writing skills. The songs to accompany the sounds are easy accessible on youtube by typing in ‘jolly phonics.'


It is important that early on in a child's development they are exposed to letters and sounds to provide them for the foundations to be successful readers and writers later in life.


We ask that you practise listening and singing the jolly phonics songs with your child.

Please could you also practise writing all letters with your child so they understand the correct letter formation and also practise recognising letters. this can be done through fun activities and games.



Jolly phonics phase 1


LEARN PHONICS with these fantastic Jolly Phonics songs. Group 2: c k e h r m d SUSCRIBE FOR MORE STORYBOOKS, SONGS, EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS, GIVEAWAYS AND MUCH MORE! Thank you :)

Jolly Phonics Phase Three

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Craig Yr Hesg Phonic Booklet