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Home work will be given out every Friday, this is usually a piece of work that is Math related. It may be reinforcing an activity we have completed in school or it could be a gentle introduction prior to us working on this in class for me to assess what the children already know. Home work can be returned to school any time before or on Wednesday of the following week.  If the work is too hard please send it back in with your child and i can help them complete it. 


Sometimes, we will be completing something in class and I will give extra work to anyone who wants more practice , but this will be completely optional.  


Finally, we may sometimes be coming up to working on a specific topic in school. I may give children an open ended task to ask them to learn about a particular topic/ subject area and they can choose how they want to present their work to me. 


Lots of children enjoy working at home, if your child has been completing some of their own learning at home please encourage them to bring it into school as they will receive Classcraft point but also will be given the opportunity to share with their class mates their learning.