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Every Friday our homework folders will be sent out. Home work will be given out every Friday, this is usually a piece of work that is Math related. Finally, we may sometimes be coming up to working on a specific topic in school. I may give children an open ended task to ask them to learn about a particular topic/ subject area and they can choose how they want to present their work to me.  


Sometimes, we will be completing something in class and I will give extra work to anyone who wants more practice , but this will be completely optional.  


Every homework folder will have the item listed below. They tasks will focus on the skills children have gained in school that week. Homework folders will need to be returned every Wednesday or earlier if possible . If you are unable to send the folder back in time or it may get misplaced, please do not worry, if so get in touch with me through Class craft or call Reception. 


My Childs Folder will include:


Spelling Practise:

For children to access their Spellings for the week they can access HWB and use the game called Spell Blast. Also the spelling lists will be in the spelling folder in the parents Zone. If you need a paper copy please let me know and this can be provided.


Click the link below to find your child's spelling list for this week


Maths homework:

Maths homework will be given out on Fridays. I usually give maths homework focusing on something we have covered that week, times tables practise or maybe some preparation for the new topic we will cover the following week. 


Reading books:

Your child’s reading book is based upon their reading and comprehension level. Please use the green reading record to note down when you are reading with your child and anything you may pick up on. It’s important that your child is able to read the book and also understand what they are reading. I will attach a word document of possible questions you may want to ask your child as they are reading.



We will occasionally send home flashcards with high frequency words/sounds for your child to practice at home. They will need to be able to read these words at sight quickly.


Independent Home Learning 


Lots of children enjoy working at home, if your child has been completing some of their own learning at home please encourage them to bring it into school as they will receive Classcraft points but also will be given the opportunity to share with their class mates their learning. If they complete this work using Office 365 it will be easier to share it with me in school.