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The Homework Folder:

Homework folders will be given out every Friday and are due back in school on a Wednesday. Your child will need to bring this into class and place it in the homework tray ready for staff to change books and mark homework. If your child’s folder is not returned by Wednesday, we cannot guarantee new homework and books to be provided (although we will try our best!!).

Occasionally we may set special homework tasks to prepare children for events such as Christmas Concerts. This will take place of usual homework tasks. We will inform you of these tasks by letters.

Jolly Phonics Workbooks:

Please can the booklets be brought in on a Friday  after a week of practising the sounds with you at home. We will dot in red the sounds we have covered in class that week and please could you practise these with your child each night. If your child is confidant with the sound please tick the page. If your child needs the actions to say the sound please put a dot next to the sound. If your child does not recognise the sound please put two dots by the sound. As your child becomes more confident, the actions are no longer necessary.  Every Friday we will test the children on their sounds and if we feel they are confidant with those sounds we will put a date by that sound. We will then send the booklet back with your child so they can learn the next group of sounds each day.

At the end of each group there is a list of words that they can practise blending. If children can say the sounds and blend the word please tick it. If they can say the sounds but not blend the word please dot in and if they cannot say the sounds or blend please can you double dot it.

Reading Books:

We will provide your child with a reading book when we feel they are ready to enjoy reading and decoding. In the meantime, we encourage parents to read a range of material with their children to model how fantastic reading is. We love to hear about what you have been reading together and what your child thought about it, so please let us know via your child’s reading diary. 

Tricky Words: 

Tricky words are words that cannot be sounded out. These will be sent home in an envelope and new words will be added when we feel your child is confident with their current set. Please use these like flash cards

Mathematical Development

Maths is all around us, and the best way for children to grasp mathematical concepts is to experience them in their natural environment! There is a  booklet available full of practical activities for Reception children on top of the lunch bag cabinet in the corridor. Feel free to take them and have a go...and let us know your favourite ones!!

Any queries please see Miss Wookey