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Friday 5th

Maths - Friday 5th Feb

English - Lesson Five

Using your ideas from yesterday’s activity, write a description about the setting you will use in your story. The example about is a setting description from the story Charlie and the chocolate factory.

Remember to think about where your characters may go on an adventure.


  • Where would they go in the world?
  • Is it real or imaginary?
  • How would you get there?
  • What would you see around you?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Is there a famous place you could use in your story?
  • What kind of people may they meet?



Compare and Contrast a Mosque with a Church


Use a table or venn or carroll diagram to display your ideas.

Weekend Warriors

Mindfulness colouring to complete over the weekend. 

Whilst you are colouring the sheets in try to empty your head and relax. 


You can try to colour them in on SeeSaw where I will upload them in a digital format, or print them off the page. If you want to create your own pattern on a page because you don't have a printer and want to do it on paper, then that's fine too!