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Friday 5th February


Position and direction


Can you give Mrs Cobley directions from one room in your house to another?

Record a video from one room to the other whilst giving your instructions.

Remember to use directions like we did in the woods.



Still image for this video



Join in with my video.

Then choose 5 of your words and put them into a super sentence using your super sentence criteria.


Task- Ask an adult to go through the comprehension with you and you can be the teacher and mark it!


Send me a picture of your marked work.




Miss John's class want to make Mrs Haggett a crown but they don't know how.

Can you write simple instructions of how you made your crown to help them?

Remember to write them in order using the ordering words:

First, next....etc.

You can either upload a picture of your instructions or read them out and send in your video.


After that you might want to colour a crown for yourself or someone in your house.


Have a go at doing your shoelaces again- have you learnt how to do them independently?

What else do you want to get better at? Can you practise that too?