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Literacy 5

Can you practice writing your letters. Use the phonics mat and have a go at writing all the sounds.

Below is a playlist of videos from Epic Phonics which shows you how to form all letters.


If you are confident in forming all of your letters correctly Watch the capital letter video below and see if you can match the lowercase letters to the capital letters on the capital letter worksheet. We will look more at forming capital letters next week

Lowercase Alphabet Letter a Learn to Read and Write

When Do You Use a Capital Letter | Singalong for Kids | The Capital Letter Song | Learn the Alphabet

Maths 5

Click on the link to watch the video on subtraction and then complete the work sheet below.

Don't worry if you haven't got a printer. Write the answers on paper and send me a pic on SeeSaw. 

Other- Welsh 

Can you draw a rainbow and tell us the colours in Welsh. Listen to the song to help you.