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Friday 29th

Maths - Friday 29th January


Write away!


 Now you’re ready to write your first Jungle Log!

Use your plan (and the model for Atanti if it helps) to draft your log on a separate piece of paper.

Remember to:

 • add detail to your sentences by using and or but;

• add explanation to your sentences using because;

 • use fronted adverbials like After that or because, to start some sentences;

 • check your capital letters at the start of sentences, full stops at the end and commas after a fronted adverbial or the phrase introduced by the fronted adverbial.

Don't forget to read your work and check it flows and makes sense.

Religious Education


Features of a Church – Record ideas with an adult, before writing an email to Miss Dyer’s Class to explain what a Church is like inside.


Watch as Father Phillip takes you round Offenham Church and points out some of the most interesting features. Notice the environment inside the church, what sounds can you hear? Is it echoey?


Do you think churches are relaxing places to be? What other feelings might you have inside a church building?


Adults at home – If your child shows interest, please explain that all not ALL Christian churches are the same. Catholic churches tend to be more ornate, whereas Non-Conformist Chapels and Protestant churches in Wales are more plain than the one in the video.

Kid's video tour of Offenham church

Weekend Warriors


Can you complete every activity on this grid by the end of the weekend?


Give yourselves a High Five once you’ve completed all of these over the weekend.


Remember, If you can upload pictures or video of you completing them, even better!