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Self-evaluation using the success criteria.


Today you will need a copy of your non-chronological report from yesterday’s activity. 


A success criteria grid will be attached to seesaw and the website for you to use.

Each success criteria will be colour coded.


  • A title
  • Classifying information under sub- headings such as; habitat, food, basic info, threats, appearance, interesting facts.
  • Title and sub-headings underlined
  • Collect images to use in your factsheet. Remember to give credit/reference.
  • De: De sentences
  • Who, which, where sentences.
  • Including a glossary.


Self & Peer Assessment

Read through your non-chronological report and underline using the colour code where you have included the features in the success criteria.

Self-assess your work and try to get an adult to assess your work also. Do they agree with the features you have included? How could you improve this next time? What features of the success criteria did you miss?






Converting between cm and m using a numberline to assist you.



Working with kilometers (km) and kilograms (kg).







What does it mean to belong to something? What communities can we belong to? Are communities that we belong to always religious in nature or is there other things we can take part in.


Sit with an adult to read through the resource attached to this task. It is quite long so feel free to skip some pages if you find them too complicated to read or understand.


Whilst you’re reading, think about all the communities that you belong to from your work last Friday in RE and consider the feelings that you get from going to these groups.


Complete the write-on worksheet for belonging by drawing a picture (or tracing one off the internet) if you can find one that looks like you! And then writing in all the communities and activities that you belong to around the outside.


Extension: Write about how belonging to these communities makes you feel and what you believe as a result of taking part in them. For example; I belong to my local community association and it makes me feel proud because we all work together to keep out village clean.  




Have a go at the ancient art of Hapa Zome (also known as leaf bashing or printing).




For this you will need:

  • Some white cloth (like a bit of old sheet or a tea towel) or some thick paper
  • A hammer, mallet, smooth stone, thick stick or rolling pin
  • A selection of leaves and/or petals


Hapa Zome, with Wildly Curious - YouTube