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Literacy - Handwriting

Follow the video and practise these handwriting formations and words. You are going to have a go at all of your lumpy letters today!

Spelling of the Day

Can you take part in the online spelling test? These will be based on the spelling of the day words that we have learnt so far!  

Miss Andrews goes on her travels around the world!

Miss Andrews is off on her travels. She is going to tell you where she is going in Welsh and then using the map, you will have to write down the coordinates in order of her journey. Make sure you listen carefully! Use your welsh countries from yesterday to help you!


Es i i Sbaen. Bwytais i sglodion. Es i i Awstralia. Bwytais i basta. Es i i Brazil. Es i i Ffranic. Bwytais i cawl. Es i i Canada a de Affrica. 

Compliment Cup

Write something positive about one of your class mates! Share your lovely thoughts about one of your classmates and your teacher will share it with them!

- Fill out who you would nominate

- Write why you would nominate them

- Sign your name at the bottom