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Sound Recap: Go over the sounds m d g o c k can you think of a word that begins with each of these sounds?


Watch my video then play Sound cups – write each sound on the bottom of a paper cup. Ask your child to close their eyes and you hide a small object under one of the cups. Your child must then guess which cup it is under by shouting out the sound that’s written on the cup. Then they can check. They get three guesses before you reveal the item – ask them to tell you the sound. You can also swap roles.

Sound cups

Still image for this video

The 7 Days of the Week Song ♫ 7 Days of the Week Calendar Song ♫ Kids Songs by The Learning Station

The 7 Days of the Week Song is one of our popular songs for children by The Learning Station. It is from the CD,download, "Preschool Learning Fun"Download "P...


Have a go at the topmarks game by clicking the link below. Ask your child to match the correct half of the picture to the other.




Make a model of a butterfly or caterpillar. You can use junk modelling, play dough, different materials or even food! Anything you like. 




Joe Wicks Session

PE With Joe | Friday 29th May