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Friday 26th

English - Friday 26th February


Collect images to use in your factsheet.


Remember to give credit/reference using the skills we learnt in class before Christmas. Use the video to help. You need to decide whether you are going to collect, 1 2 or 3 images for use in your Non Chronological Factsheet. There is help for you in the mild challenge on the worksheet. 

English - Friday 26th February

Maths - Friday 26th February


Extend – Calculating the area of compound shapes using known times tables facts.


Yesterday you all did so well, applying what you already knew in your times tables to complete the area calculations of squares and rectangles.


Today we're looking at COMPOUND shapes, which are shapes that are made of two or more rectangles or squares. You must use what you already know about calculating the area of squares and rectangles to work out the are of the compound shapes. 

Area of Compound Shapes Teaching Video

RE - Religious Communities


Use the internet to research the religions that are 'practiced' in Wales. Find the answer to the following questions.


1. What is the main religion in Wales?

2. What is the second most practiced religion in Wales?


Now try to research as much as you can about lesser practiced religions in Wales. 

It's important that we understand as much as we can about other people's beliefs and what they believe in their communities. 


Finally - What does the community of Glyncoch/Coed Y Cwm/Ynysybwl mean to you? What activities do you take part in locally (not necessarily including religion) which the community take part in too? 


You can submit your answers orally using the record tool, or written using the text tool.


Wellbeing - Leaf Printing


Over the weekend, when you have a chance to get out and about, collect leaves and use either paint or use crayons to rub them over a sheet of paper. Can you make a work of art?!


End of Week Survey

Help us to help you!


Follow the link below to complete the questionnaire!