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Friday 22nd

Maths Friday 22nd January

English for Friday 22nd January


Write a list poem


Activity: Now have a go at writing your own poem. What magical things would you like to find in your rucksack when you go exploring?



Use your planner from Thursday’s lesson to help you write your own list poem.



When you have wrote your poem send us a video

 or a voice recording of you reading your poem on seesaw

RE for Friday 22nd January


Use the PowerPoint to look at pictures of local places of worship – Timed Pair Share: “What happens inside religious buildings?” 


There are three different church timetables for you to work from. Mild (Tabernacle), Medium, (Salem) and Spicy (Tredegarville). 

Can you work out how busy each session is with the clues off the grid? 

Tabernacle – (1/2) 

Salem – (1/2, 1/5) 

Tredegarville – (1/2, 1/5, 1/3) 

Adults at Home! We need your views!


There's a Wellbeing Survey for you to fill out below. Please click the link to complete the survey with your children. 




Google Forms Wellbeing Home Learning Survey.