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Friday 12th

It's the final day of online learning! We made it!!

Maths - Friday 12th March


You have a choice of maths activities today! You can either complete the addition and subtraction word problems, or the correspondance problems. The addition and subtraction problems use all of the skills we covered on Monday and Tuesday, whereas the Correspondance Problems introduce a new concept again, called 'ratio'. The video attached will help you with the correspondance problems.


If you need a little more help with the addition and subtraction problems, revisit the videos I made on Monday and Tuesday, which will help you. 


Good luck!

Correspondence problems Help Video

Wellbeing - Friday


Join in with the live call and we'll run over your concerns and any questions you may have about coming back to school on Monday. 


There's also the end of term feedback form for you to complete here;

End of online learning!