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Dyfi- Mr Wakeling -Key Stage 2

Welcome to Dosbarth Dyfi!

Some of the activities you could complete if you can't attend school, or want to go into more detail about our topic could be...


  • Go outdoors in the local area with a digital or film camera and collect different types of images. 
  • Speak to neighbours/family members about the local area and how it's changed for the worse or better since they can remember. 
  • Research the history and future of the Craig Yr Hesg Quarry.
  • Create a collage of all of the road signs in the local area to you. 
  • Use a map to navigate your way around and mark on your route. 
  • Use scales and directions (including north, south, east and west) to estimate and calculate distances between key points. For example. How far and in what direction would you have to travel to go from the pharamacy to the school?


To further your understanding of the topic, you may wish to...


  • Research how photography and cameras have developed over the years. 
  • Conduct an in depth project into the history of our local area, as far as Pontypridd if you would like to.
    • Why was Pontypridd built where it was built? 
    • What was the purpose of the town?
    • Can you find out about the canal?
    • What about the railways?
  • Collect old photographs of Pontypridd, Glyncoch, Ynysybwl and Coed Y Cwm. What was on the sites before the houses and schools were built?

Self Isolation Activity Grid Below

Home Learning For January to March Below

A Message from your teachers! Fern Federation - Glyncoch

Stars of The Term 12th February


In Craig Yr Hesg our class names are inspired by rivers from across Wales, the river Dyfi, our class name, is a river that flows through some of the towns in Mid Wales.


                                                          (Photo of the River Dyfi)



See the map below to help you picture where in Wales this river is.


The River Dyfi is a river in Mid Wales. It is approximately 30 miles long which is about 48 kilometres. Remember there is 1000 meters in a kilometre. So it is 48,000 meters long. So that is roughly from PontyPridd your home town to the Severn Bridge which helps us travel from Wales (east) into England. 

              (Photo of the Severn Bridge)


Why should I use this page? 

This page will help you:

  • Find out about the new topic each half term giving you some videos and links to explore before and during the topic
  • Will give you some important information about the class, our routines and some of the events we have coming up like trips etc.
  • There will be pictures to remind you of some of the amazing things we have been going in class for you to look back at and talk your friends and family about what you have been doing in school.
  • Provide links to be used at home to continue your  learning adventure.
  • Give you spelling lists and homework tasks if you need to remind yourself what they were that week.
  • Also it will be helpful for your parents to help you and remember what you need to bring into school each day.


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