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Videos to Support Home Learning Access

Dear parents/guardians,

Please find below any relevant information with regards to Home Learning. Even though I am not in class with your child, I have watched them develop over this last year and I will miss not seeing them every day! I will be working hard to ensure I keep pushing them to achieve great things.


I am currently making videos for the children to watch to help them access the home learning opportunities I will be providing for them. All the activities I provide will be accessible on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, computer or chromebook. Even if your child doesn't have a mobile themselves they will be able to use your mobile phone to post work.


The two main platforms I will aim to use is seesaw (App or computer) and Hwb. Hwb can be accessed off any device. To access google class room you may need to download additional apps. But I will look into this and make videos to support you downloading these apps to allow your children to continue with the excellent progress they have made. If you don't have internet access please contact the school for paper copies of the work.


Miss Thomas 

How to log into Seesaw using the home learning codes

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I sent out paper copies of the home learning codes and then text these codes to parents of the children who have yet to log into seesaw. Please ensure your child logs in, it can be done by using a laptop or computer or downloading the seesaw app on their phone or tablet. I will post the work to complete on there either each day or every few days.

How to access Google Classroom

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Firstly can I say thank you so much for all your hard work with the children. The work they have handed into me has been amazing! They are showing you how amazing they are, something I have always known. I set new work every week in Google Classroom. I try and add work each day depending on how many children are handing work in. So get your child to go on there once a day to check if new work has been added. Please don't worry if some weeks they do more than others. This is a very challenging time and I understand that you have other pressure on you with your own family life and jobs.


Each week I will make a new folder can label it with that date on Monday that week for the children know which folder to look in. Activities will have numbers on them if they do do them in that order as the day before will build on the next days learning. If there are no numbers you can do them at any points. Make sure they watch the videos and powerpoints first as this will help them with their work. 


When they complete the task they should be able to do this alone, if they read the instructions and look at all the resources I have made for them. Some might need support reading it over and some might need some help all the way through. Please aim for them to hand in 1 piece of work a day on google classroom or a minimum of 5 by Friday. I understand some days will be harder than others, so you can do one per day or do all the work on a Friday and turn it in or spread the work out. I don't mind how you do it but would really appreciate that if by a Friday they have turned in 5 pieces of work. I will mark every piece of work they have marked so please ensure they go back and open it back up after I have marked it and make any changes I have made and the turn it back into me to check.


I am by my computer all day during school days until around 4.30-5.30. Some days I have to go into school or to a hwb school, so if you message and I dont get back to you straight away rest assured I will ASAP. I have called many children and helped them over the phone so if that is needed message me on seesaw or classcraft and I will arrange this. 


I will use seesaw to communicate with the children and this will be used for fun activities, classcraft I will give points to them on for their work and there are some quests on there which are challenges to earn points. SumDog will be excellent if they go on 20-30 minutes a Day ( minimum, they can do more) and Epic is a reading app with lots of books on there. So if you want to practise reading with your child. 


So finally to summarise, please don't panic with how much or how little you are doing, please do what you can and if I can help in any way please contact me, through the children's seesaw, on class craft or email Mrs Haggett and she will pass your message on. more importantly stay safe and if you need anything please let me know. 


From Miss Thomas 


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