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Digital Leaders

Fern Federation Digital Leaders


What they do


The Digital Leaders endeavour to support all members of our school community with the technologies we use to support learning in the Fern Federation.



Their primary aims are:

  1. To ensure everyone uses ICT and the internet safely and responsibly
  2. To be responsible for the ICT hardware in our school.
  3. To be up to date and knowledgeable about new technology, apps and websites being one of the first groups to try out these and decide if it is something that will help out learners.


Digital Leaders will be at the forefront of e-Safety in our school. They will be responsible for promoting e-Safety and keeping pupils updated about the latest changes in technologies that can keep us safe. They will also be allocated roles around school to ensure the safe keeping of ICT equipment, supporting staff and pupils with  their ICT sessions and creating help videos for pupils to support them with their digital learning.


How they will achieve this 

The digital leaders from both schools will work together to achieve these aims. They will meet once a half term in their schools separately and work on a common project linked to their action plan. Once a term they will meet together (over Teams) to discuss what they have done this year and if there is anything that has come up that will affect their action plan. 


This is the first of the school groups we are trying this approach with the view to do this in the future with Eco Council, School Council and Criw Cymraeg.