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Welsh is a wonderful and important language for our children to learn. To use their words, “It’s our language. We are proud to speak Welsh”. It connects us to our history, as well as our locality today.


There are lots of benefits to learning Welsh and being bilingual:


· It’s a phonetical language – Once you know your Welsh alphabet you can read any Welsh word. There is no magic “e” or ten different ways to say “ough”. This is a real boost to confidence as you learn the language.

· It’s a poetical language – Sometimes it’s this majesty and elegance that can allow even the most reluctant writer/reader to enjoy the language.

· It increases your brain – Being bilingual creates more neurons and synapses in your brain. This has been reported to delay Alzheimer’s Disease by five years.

· It exercises your brain – Using more than one language exercises the front part of your brain. This part of the brain is used for problem solving as well. By being bilingual, your brain is further prepared to solve problems in real life contexts.

· It provides further opportunities – As the Welsh Assembly drives for more Welsh speakers by 2050, more and more businesses are looking to employ Welsh speakers.

· There are more opportunities to use your Welsh skills in a real life context – As well as an increase of Welsh used in business and local services, several festivals are working exceptionally hard to make Welsh language events welcoming to Welsh learners, such as Tafwyl and Parti Ponty.


Here at Craig Yr Hesg, we’re passionate to promote the use of Welsh in and out of the classroom, within school, at home and also in the local community. Our Criw Cymraeg members are our representatives at a school level to drive Welsh development, but EVERYONE in our school community has a part to play…children, parents, staff, governors and volunteers.


We hope you find some of the links below helpful as you share your Welsh language learning journey with us!






Cymraeg yn yr ardal leol/Welsh in the local area: