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Welsh is a wonderful and important language for our children to learn. In our school we want children that are confident and competent using and understanding the Welsh Language and strive to provide opportunities throughout the day for pupils to practise these skills.


In our class we will: 

  • Practice and use the Welsh language during daily Helpwr Heddiw sessions, through singing different songs and playing lots of games.  
  • Our Criw Cymraeg members are our representatives at a school level to drive Welsh development, but EVERYONE in our school community has a part to play…children, parents, staff, governors and volunteers.
  • Try and use our Welsh around the school including on the yard.
  • Have a Welsh session every week where we will play games, read different books, sing songs and learn and revise new Welsh sentences. 


Pattrwm Yr Wythnos - Pattern of the Week

At Craig Yr Hesg we recognise the importance of celebrating the welsh language. We have daily Helpu Heddiw sessions where we play lots of different welsh games, read books, practice Welsh we have learnt previously, learn Welsh songs. We also have a designated Welsh lesson EVERY week to allow you to develop your love of Welsh.


Each week we complete a new Welsh spoken pattern. These are available on the class noticeboard should you want to take them down and use them at home too! The class noticeboard is photographed each and every Monday morning and uploaded to the Class Dojo. 


Open the Powerpoint below and it will have all the sentences you worked on in Year 3 and will give you an idea of what new Welsh sentences you will learn in Year 4. Please feel free to practise these  as much as you would like to. 


Year 3 and 4 Language patterns Powerpoint

Below are some links to websites to practise your Welsh using fun games and activities.

Learn Welsh for beginners: Lesson 1