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Copyn - Miss Wookey - Foundation Phase

Welcome to Dosbarth Copyn's Class Page

 Shwmae, and welcome to Dosbarth Copyn's class page.  We are a class bubbling with energetic brilliant children from Reception & Year 1. We have a wonderful community in our class and support each other to become our best. Our mission is to achieve above and beyond whilst having lots of fun and giggles. In doing so, we are growing into resilient lifelong learners and creating wonderful memories! Leading the fun is Miss Wookey and Jackie. Thank you for looking at our class page and please look at the links below for homework & learning support, news and photos of all the mischief we have been getting up to!


Autumn 2- Lights, Camera, Action

This half term we will be focusing on expressive arts and creating our own school performance to send out to all our families. We will ensure that we cover all areas of the curriculum when preparing for our performance. Below is the story of Prickly hay that we will be basing our show on. Stay tuned to see what we get up to. 


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Autumn 1 - Superheroes

Na na Na na Na na Na na COPYN!!!!! 

This half term we have learnt all about superheroes. We had so much fun learning the story of Supertato. We made some amazing Supertato Movies, see below for a preview. We used talk for writing to help us rewrite the stories. Then we learnt about real life superhero who help us everyday. We were extra interested Nurses and Doctors so had lots of fun playing in our hospital Role Play. We thought of lots of questions we wanted to find out and had a video call with Nurse Katie to find the answers. She also needed us to help as someone had mixed up all the medicine for her patients. We reordered the medicine bottles and filled them with the correct amounts so Miss Wookey could deliver them to the Hospital. With all our new information about real life Superheroes we decided they should have Capes just like the Superheroes we see on TV. So, we designed and made a cape for Nurse Katie. We are all going to continue to be real life Superheroes in Dosbarth Copyn helping others wherever we can. 



Dosbarth Wye 2020-2021

Summer 2 - Happiness 


What a year it’s been we have had fairy tales, family trees, a lot of home learning superstars, mini beasts, a carnival and this term we have been learning about happiness.  It started off when the children brought in their amazing collages showing us what made them happy. We noticed that a lot of the children had holidays and beaches on their collages so we made our very own class beach. We looked into what being happy meant and ways we could make ourselves and others happy. The children decided that by being kind they could make others happy. They wrote kind things they do for others, then we started noticing a lot of kind deeds going on in class. Amazing work everyone. We found out that to make ourselves happy we needed healthy bodies. We read the book disgusting sandwich and then went and made our very own disgusting sandwiches in our new mud kitchen that we got out of the money we raised doing out sponsored miles. Surprisingly no one fancied eating them. We had to help Cath the cook when she ran out of drinks to give the children. We put our investigative hats on and used the eatwell ap to count how many sugar cubes were in different drinks. We then told Cath she should give the children water or squash as they were the healthiest options. We then decided we wanted to have healthier snacks so we all made Gruffalo tusk, yum yum. Finally, we wanted to help create a fun way to keep fit so we wrote created an assault course. As we are so good at doing kind deeds, we wrote instructions on how to complete the assault course and shared them with the children in Cefn Primary so they could keep fit too. With all this amazing work done its safe to say were all very HAPPY. Go to our class page to see photos and videos of this amazing work.


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Summer 1- Carnival  

Yaaaaahoo! What fun we have had learning about a Braizlian culture and getting creative ready for our very own Glyncoch Carnival. We have made used our digitial skills to scan QR code and find information to make Fact Files on Brazil. Then we had a postcard from Blue the Parrot who told us we were going to have our own Carnival. We couldn't make it to Brazil to go to the beach but have had fun in our own class beach. We experimented with with instruments to make Samba Music and made up our own Samba Dance. We planned and made Head dresses for us to wear at the Carnival and used our money skills to buy the materials we needed to make them. We went to visit a real Parrot called Trevor and then had the best time at our carnival. Watch the video below to see. 


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Spring 2 Wriggle and Crawl 

We have had a fab term back. They children have all settled back into school so well and make us proud everyday. They have been engrossed with our Topic Wriggle and Crawl. We have learnt all about Mini Beast: Wrote fact files, did some worm measuring and even made our own Wormery for our new class pets Freddie and Rosie. Check out our video below to see what we've been up to. 

Our Wormery 🪱

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Welcome back 

Well done to all the children coming back this week! You have all made us so proud, so we had a little treat at the end of the day, some bubble mindfulness! 
Well done to all the children who are still working hard at home too, we miss you and can’t wait to see you soon. 


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Autumn Term 2- Pop Up 

This term our topic has been pop up where we have looked at different fairy tails. We used Talk 4 Writing to learn the story of the three little pigs, we then made story maps and wrote our own stories . 

We then went on to learn the story of Cinderella, and got excited as we planned our own ball, making invitations and list of what we would need. 

We had lots of fun in our Cinderella shoe shop learning how to measure feet and ordering shoes by size. Finally we finished the term with some Christmas fun, making Pop Up Santas. We went on a very long walk to the post office to post our letters to Santa, and we blew all the parents away with our surprise Christmas Dance.


Our Christmas Surprise

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Autumn Term 1 Family Album 

It's been a brilliant start to the term already. All the children in Dosbarth Wye have settled in well and adapted fast to our new way of doing things. We are really proud of each and every one of you. 

Our Topic this half term is Family Album, where we learn all about our families and how things have changed over time.

We have spent a lot of time outdoors looking for the perfect branches to put our family trees on, we are sure you'll agree they are quite brilliant and have made excellent addition to our autumn display.  

In science we have been looking at leaves and how they change over time, the class gave some brilliant explainations. 

We've been using nature in our maths work too, to make patterns out of objects we have found. 

In literacy we are learning the story Not Now Bernard, and are working towards writing our own stories. 

See below for pictures of our wonderful learning.