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Class Need to Know

Routines in our class


Start of the day

As per the guidance issued, schools will now need to stagger their start and finish times. Not all pupils will start and finish school at the same time and there will be no Breakfast Club until further notice. Parents and children should arrive at classes at their allocated time. Outside of each classroom (on the school yard), there will be markings at 2m intervals. These indicate where parents need to line up with their children at the start of the school day and when collecting children at the end of the day. Children will no longer need to have their temperature taken at the start of each morning before entering the classroom but they will need to sanitize their hands.                                                                                                                

Tuesday 1st September and Wednesday 2nd September will be designated training days which are additional to the designated 6 INSET days set out by WG for the academic year 2020-2021. Our class will not be in on Thursday 3rd September but will all be in on Friday 4th of September. On this day: 

Year 5 will need to be at school at 9:05.

Year 4 will need to be at school at 9:10


When dropping off and picking up your child please arrive promptly and do not congregate in and around the school grounds. Please adhere to the social distancing guidelines outside the classrooms. Junior children will no longer need to be dropped off or collected by a parent if you wish for them to walk to and from school alone. However, this means children will need to arrive at their designated time only. All children from Reception to Year 6 will be back in school fully by 7th September.



Break Time and Lunch Time: 

We are passionate at Craig Yr Hesg about healthy living and promoting a healthy lifestyle. As a result, break times children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack ONLY. (A piece of fruit, healthy cereal bar, yogurt etc). We would appreciate your cooperation with this where possible. At Craig Yr Hesg we promote a healthy lunchbox. So please can you help us to ensure your child has a healthy, balanced packed lunch where possible.  We will be staggering lunch and break times so we limit contact between children as much as possible through the school day. 



End of the Day

School finishes at 3:05 for our class, children will need to be collected from the yard by an adult at the end of the day unless the class teacher has been informed they can walk home alone. Please do this at the start of the year and if anything else changes to your child's pick up at the end of the day please inform reception well before the end of the school day. . If you wish for your child to walk home alone please fill out a consent form at the office. The safety of your child is paramount to us, so if there is a change in who will be collecting your child or if you are running late please contact the school to help us keep your child safe. 



What does my child need to bring to school? 

The only things your children are required to bring are:

Filled water bottle


Packed lunch bag (all waste will be returned home)

Healthy snack  for morning play

Sun hat (depending on the weather)



Children SHOULD NOT bring

Pencil case/Stationary


Football/Rugby ball

Mask to wear in school





School Uniform 

We like to encourage children to wear their school uniform each and every day. It helps us feel part of the Craig Yr Hesg family!



We understand that occasionally things happen, such as washing machines breaking down or misplaced items. However we do ask that children's names are on all items of clothing, so we ensure you are sent home with all of your items at the end of the day!


Uniform consists of:

White t-shirt

Red jumper

Black/Navy bottoms

Sensible shoes (no flip flops etc.)

P.E Days 


PE - What to wear?


Our P.E day is yet to be confirmed


Children can wear their P.E Kit to school on this day. This helps with maximising the amount of physical activity we can complete. 

They will need:

  • Black our Navy jogging bottoms/leggings
  • A plain white T-Shirt
  • School hoodie /jumper
  • Trainers or suitable footwear