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New topic: Robot Rampage

This half-term we start a new topic called Robot Rampage.











This project has a design and technology focus and teaches children about a range of different mechanisms and how these can be powered using electricity and other forces. At
the heart of this project children write stories about robotic characters set in fantasy worlds. In addition children develop skills to write instructions and autobiographies for a range
of fantasy characters and significant historical figures in the world of engineering and science.
In the Innovate Stage children apply their skills and understanding by creating their own powered robots to take part in the ‘Young Engineers Fair’.
In this project the children will learn:
• About a range of moving mechanisms;
• How to use electricity and other forces to power and add features to simple mechanisms;
• About the properties of a range of materials;
• How to develop fantasy characters and settings;
• How to write narrative stories set in fantasy worlds;
• About a range of significant engineers throughout history.