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Spring Term January 2021 (Lockdown)

Our topic for this term is called "Earth Explorers" and has a Science and Geography focus.

We will be studying different places around the world and looking at natural disasters that have happened both in our own country and around the world.

Unfortunately, due to the Coranavirus we are now in our second lockdown, which is not the way we would have imagined starting this new topic crying 

However, we will try our best to keep in touch and share some activities to keep us motivated until we can all be together again in class.

During this time some of you will be able to come to school and some of you will remain at home and start your remote online learning.

Whichever way you join in please remember to keep your cool, ask me questions if you get stuck, take plenty of brain breaks but most of all have some fun!!!

I look forward to seeing all your work, photos and activities. 

Take care, stay safe and be kind to yourself and others.

Mrs Barker xxx



















Our topic for this term, Autumn 2020 is 'The Children of the Industrial Revolution'.

So far we have researched how the Industrial Revolution came about and what impact it had on society as a whole. The main part of our study will focus on how children's lives were dramatically changed. We will look in detail at child labour, including the places worked and the dangers that were faced by children as young as five in jobs such as chimney sweeps, mud larks, powder monkeys, cotton mules and in the coal mines.



In Art we will concentrate on 2 Artists, Valerie Ganz and Josef Herman, who concentrated their work around the welsh coal miners of the South Wales Valleys.



Spelling tests will take place every Thursday morning and new words sent home following the test each week. This term we will concentrate on 'tricky words'. Our goal is that once the children have learnt these words they will be able to add them to their daily writing activities.


Our P.E. session is Tuesday afternoon and in the current situation with Covid rules we will plan for outdoor activities as we are unable to use the hall.