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Class Craft

Watch this to find out alittle information about class craft

The Game Dashboard



The Game Dashboard (pictured above) shows your child’s character and progress. You can also see their pet (if they have one equipped), team crest, and team background.

Before you can view your child's character, the teacher will need to approve the request. Once you create your account, the teacher will be notified and can link your account to your child.

The Game Dashboard also enables you to reward your child for good behavior at home, such as finishing their homework. Just click on the Gold Pieces (GP) button below your child's game stats to begin.


Click here to learn more about the four colored bars, which represent the game points.




As your child progresses in the game and exhibits good behaviours in class, they will level up and learn powers that give them real-life privileges. You can see what powers your child has learned by clicking on the bubbles below the GP button.


Powers are divided into three types: game-based powers (help them and their teammates in the game), personal powers (give them perks like eating in class), and academic powers (support them academically, such as getting extra time on an exam).

The teacher can customise these powers to suit their classroom.



Using the sidebar


The sidebar is the menu system in Classcraft.


The sidebar buttons enable you to:

  • View the game dashboard and your child's character (using the face icon)
  • Access posts in Quests (using the map icon)
  • View messages and announcements from your child's teacher (using the speech bubble icon)
  • Turn game audio on or off (using the audio button in the bottom left corner) 




Sentences are special tasks your child must complete. Students receive a randomly selected sentence when they "fall in battle," or lose all of their Health Points (HP). Typically, students lose HP for doing negative behaviours in class.


Viewing class events


If you click the newspaper icon (i.e., the game feed) on the top right of the game dashboard, you can view every game action related to your child and a time stamp of when it happened.

Use this to start conversations with them about what’s going on in their school day!



Click the link below to help you find out more about how your child can gain and lose points, how to help them customise their character and to see the glossary of terms to help you understand the game a little more