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Additional Learning Needs Information

Additional Learning Needs

Dear Children and Families of The Fern Federation,


Over the next couple of months, you may hear in the news or receive information from us about how things are changing with Additional Learning Needs. This is a change that will be happening across the whole of Wales...and will start changing in September 2021. Nationally it will take up to three years to implement all of the changes!


As you can probably imagine, it is very difficult to sum up all in the changes in one letter to you, so we are developing this section of the website to keep you posted with everything we are working towards, as well as information from the Local Authority and other organisations we closely work with. If there is something you would like to see up here, please do let us know...we want it to be the best possible resource bank for you.


While these changes will impact everyone in different ways, we want to reassure you that:


  • All children will have access to the same support and interventions that are working for them as individuals.
  • We will continue to develop the website to keep you informed of national changes, but also share resources to help at home.


Remember you can get in contact with either myself, Mrs Haggett or your Head of School if you have any questions or worries. You can find our contact details in the "Contact Us" tab below.


Together We Will Prosper!


Miss Elizabeth Lewis